Identifying the Symptoms of HONS
(Hatred of Numbers Syndrome)
and One Man’s Quest for The Ultimate Cure

STOP spending time and money on reports you hate reading,
don’t give you any useful information, and confuse everyone

Does any of this sound familiar?

In your inbox, you see something like this:

[WEEKLY REPORT] Week of Dec.5Team, please review for the 10a.m. meeting

You cringe.
You want to ignore it, but you know contained inside is all the key analytics for your business.
This is critical information.
So you take a deep breath and open it.
14 charts … pieces, lines, comparisons, bars, trends,… all brightly colored fill your screen. You lean back, trying to get an accurate picture of where your business is.
That chart is going up, so that’s good.
15 new leads. Is that good? What was it last week?
So, you take another sip of coffee and open last week’s report.
Now, you have two tabs of brightly colored numbers.
You look at your watch. Almost time for the 10a.m. meeting. You’ll wait until then to have the “numbers’ guy” walk you through it.
By 11:15, you’ve walked through in detail, each one of the 14 charts. You get the numbers and have made notes in the report you printed (in color), just before the meeting.
You get back to your desk at 11:30. So now what? What do you tell the head of sales to do with the data? What about your CFO?
You glance at your email again. One of your directors is recommending investing in new software to make things more efficient. Do you have the budget for it? You look at your notes again?
Would the software improve the numbers? DO you have the budget?
He’s attached another report.


Hi there, I’m Feliks Golenko.

And I’ll admit I LOVE Dashboards. But, I get why you might not…yet.
I’ve been helping business measure and visualize metrics for over 25 years now. I’ve worked with over 300 corporations. Many that you know like world-renowned brands GE Capital, Hannover Re, Swiss Re, Fujitsu, Moet & Chandon, ARC Europe, ADAC, PERI, Voestalpine and many more.
And I’ve seen some, well…interesting, dashboards. Full of every color in the rainbow, and every number you never wanted to know about your business.
I helped these corporations design and implement better dashboards and reporting systems
Feliks Golenko Clients
In the last 25 years, I’ve figured out what makes not only a beautiful dashboard, but one that actually can improve profits so you stop leaking money. All in a simple and efficient way.
I’ve worked with both operational managers and senior executives, so I’m familiar with both sides, data design and data implementation.
I love helping companies visualize data, and the smiles that spread across business owner’s faces when they see their business in a whole new way. I know how to bridge the gap between the business, the technical world and the humans involved and few things make me happier.
(Just so you know, those ‘few things’ include my two sons and spending some time on the golf course).
Imagine having a 10,000 foot view of every single process in your business, so you can see exactly what you should scale up, or cut back at a glance. Picture knowing with certainty what decisions you should make. Not only will effective dashboard reporting make your business run better, it will also give you the information you need faster, so maybe you can spend some more time doing the things that make you happy (like time with your family, or on the golf course :-))
Together, let’s eliminate the stress that always seems to come with that normally accompanies data reporting.
You can get started right here.

You CAN Love Your Dashboard, Too!

(Who wouldn’t love something that helps you make more money, become more efficient, and do what you do better)

It doesn’t have to be expensive or take months for you to have a beautiful, effective, simple reporting system.
One that’s easy to implement, simple to read, and quick to interpret (think seconds, not hours). And, it shows you the next ACTION to take in your business.
And as an added bonus, you may just eliminate that boring, time-consuming “status meeting”… instantly.
Even if:
  • You’re not sure what numbers you should be tracking
  • You’re not sure what your goals even are
  • You’re sick of “one more report” on your desk
  • You have a dedicated analytics team (or not)
  • You’re in a unique industry
Whatever your budget, company size, or industry… If you need better reporting, I can show you how.
Get started now.

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