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Dashboard master Class

Custom. Effective. Profitable.
Get Your Beautifully Simple Reporting System
…In Just 4 Weeks

Improving your business doesn’t have to be expensive or take months to set up and implement.
In fact, in my Dashboard Master Class, we’ll build a dashboard you love to read and love to use.
Even better… you’ll love your dashboard because of the results you’ll get.
Even if:


  • You’re not sure what numbers you should be tracking
  • You’re not sure what your goals even are
  • You’re sick of “one more report” on your desk
  • You have a dedicated analytics team (or not)
  • You have no idea how to start designing or creating a dashboard
  • You’re in a unique industry


I’m talking about a dashboard that’s easy to implement, simple to read, and quick to interpret (think seconds, not hours). And, it shows you the next ACTION to take in your business.


Can you check these boxes?


  • I own or work for a business that’s currently profitable… but I know we can do better.
  • I am ready to get to the next level. I know our performance can improve.
  • I need a plan for improvement and/or process to make our plan a reality
  • I know that right reports in the right hands can mean faster, more efficient improvement
  • I’m eager to identify which parts of my business to measure and how to measure it
  • I’m NOT afraid to try new things if they’ll help my business improve
Dashboard master Class

Your Roadmap and Guide to
Faster Growth, Efficient Operations
and Bigger Profits

Feliks Golenko
At this point in the year, most of us are reviewing and if necessary adjusting our strategies for achieving our goals for 2017.
What’s your plan to get there? Is it the most efficient, most effective, most profitable way forward?
What if you could improve you and your team’s performance by the end of the year?
You can. And I can help.
I’m Feliks Golenko. I make businesses more efficient, more deliberate, and a lot more profitable
In business, taking action = money. And taking smarter action = more money.
I’ve helped over 300 companies increase performance and profits.
It all starts with eliminating confusing, ineffective reporting and creating beautiful dashboards that are easy to read, quick to interpret, and show you precisely how to increase growth and profits.

Here’s what we’ll build, together

Your first custom overview dashboard with the 5 most important metrics (and that’s just in the first half of the course!)
A crystal clear process for how to use your dashboard daily to keep eyes on your business
Built-in growth planning so you’ll know exactly what to do when your business grows and changes

By the end of the complete 4-week program, you will:


  • Identify the “growth lever areas” in your business that should be measured and reported on
  • Find the right metrics to measure for the most leverage in these areas (and what numbers to stop looking at)
  • Tell if your current processes are actually working — and if you’re on track for your short-term and long-term goals
  • Use a simple Excel tool to create and use your Overview Dashboard (this Excel Tool will be provided as a part of the course!)
  • Use this Overview Dashboard as an actionable snapshot your whole team can use. No more unreadable 15-page reports
  • “Step up” from your simple dashboard with manual data entry to designing and implementing an advanced reporting system (it’s easier than you think!)

The roadmap we’ll take to dashboard success

Module 1: Value Growth Chain
  • Business Functions
  • Processes, Stakeholder and Outcomes
  • The Cause and Effect Principle
Module 2: Metric Discoverer
  • Which types of questions to ask (and whom to ask them to) so that you can monitor and improve the performance of your processes
  • How to derive the metrics that will provide you the answers
Module 3: Baseline
  • How exactly do your processes perform today?
  • How would you like them to perform in the future?
Module 4: Your Overview Dashboard
  • A simple Excel Tool (Free of charge for Dashboard Master Class members)
  • How to configure and use this tool
  • Visualize your metrics and enter the data
Module 5: Manage with your Overview Dashboard
  • You’ve develop the tools, now we’ll cover the best way to use it
  • How to make your Overview Dashboard a seamless part of your daily operations
  • How the Overview Dashboard leads to better decisions and better performance
Module 6: How to Design and Develop an Advanced Reporting System
  • The Tools and Skills your team needs and where to get them
  • Dashboard & Report Design: Best Practice
We’ve talked about what you’ll get. Here’s all I require from you or your team:


  • Good internet connection
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Basic Excel Skills


If your performance improved just 10%, what would that be worth to you?


After working with hundreds of companies, I truly believe that there is 10% potential improvement hiding in nearly every business.
And I also believe that the right reporting is the key to finding that hidden potential and maximizing it.
Is just a 10% improvement worth $2,000.00 to you?
It’s probably worth many times that.
And if you’re ready to invest in and reveal the true potential of YOUR business, then join me for one of the upcoming classes.
Just send me an email ( and you´ll be notified as soon as the next free class will be available.
Hope to see you soon!



P.S. You won’t just walk away with actionable advice (although that alone is worth the price of the course). At the end of this program you’ll:


  • Know exactly which KPI’s are truly “key” in your business and how to measure them quickly and effectively
  • Create at least one beautiful, functional dashboard you can use right away in your business
  • Implement a custom process for monitoring and improving performance across your team
  • Be prepared for growth with a strategy in place to “recreate” your process if your business changes (and we know our business always changes)


Today is the day you stop spending time and money on reports you hate reading, don’t give you any useful information, and confuse everyone.

You CAN Love Your Dashboard, Too!

(Who wouldn’t love something that helps you make more money, become more efficient, and do what you do better?)


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